Everything You Need To Know About Finding An SEO Expert Consultant

SEO expert consultant

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In the fast-paced, cyber-driven world of 2017, stakes are high and so is competition. No matter what business you’re in, having a website, blog and social media package are no longer just optional. Neither is finding an SEO expert consultant. Search engine optimization experts are professionals that drive traffic to your business. Initially, that traffic is digital and consists of people who are already online searching for the product you happen to be selling. Over time, that digital traffic transitions into sales, either in-store sales or online sales or a combination of both.

Under these circumstances, it’s safe to say that an SEO company can either make or break your business since the vast majority of sales are the result of your website’s ranking. This is true even if most of the sales you make happen in your shop. So, who is the best SEO expert in the world? There are numerous successful (and unsuccessful) companies to choose from. Here’s a look at how to find the best SEO expert consultant for your online page rank campaign.

How Much Do SEO Consultants Charge?

SEO pricing is tricky because there are tons of varying factors to consider. You can get cheap, fast SEO work, but the companies with the lower pricing tend to offer quick fixes that can end up hurting your business further down the line. Your best bet is to entrust in a reputable company that has already brought several businesses to the front page of Google and has increased their bottom line. An SEO consultant should never make more money from your business than you make. They should stand to increase your profit margin significantly. Some SEO companies have modern, pay as you go style rates that can help you save money without sacrificing website quality. Refer to this easy to use SEO Pricing Tool for a good example of what to expect and how much to budget.

What To Look For In An SEO Expert?

Now that you have a general idea of what your SEO Keyword is worth and how much to set aside for SEO marketing, it’s only natural that you would want to identify an expert from a novice. Here are some things you should look for prior to turning over the keywords to your business:

  • Results— Be sure to carefully review the “About Us” section of their website to see what results they’ve already achieved. If the businesses they represent are growing as a result of increased online exposure, that is the best possible measuring stick you can find.
  • Credentials— Like any other type of business, when an SEO company is a top-notch option, people take notice. Don’t be afraid to seek out companies that have captured the attention of major corporations, especially news corporations.
  • The Writing Staff— This key factor is often overlooked but Google’s author rank is rumored to be a very significant part of search ranking. Ask about their staff writers and which companies their writers have worked with in the past.
  • Their Knowledge Of Google Trends— As of April 2017, Google accounts for about 77% of the global internet search market. Not surprisingly, their algorithm is a complex entity consisting of over 200 factors with trends changing on a daily basis. As such, you’ll want a company that solely works on SEO. If you can’t tell by their phone presence, just ask some really basic questions like, “What is On-Page SEO?” OR “Which long-tail keywords can you help my company rank for?” An expert SEO consultant will be able to provide answers to these questions with little effort and zero hesitation.

How Can I Become A SEO Expert?

SEO expert

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The best way to become an SEO expert is to study social media, marketing, programming and coding at an accredited university or to become a self-taught professional. This business is comparable to law because it is constantly evolving. SEO techniques can change quickly and without any notice. Some experts say that coding will soon be a pivotal website ranking factor if it isn’t already there. If you just want to understand the basics so you can effectively communicate with an SEO expert consultant, you should become acquainted with the following aspects of SEO:

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Tags
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Establishing An Authority Page

What Do SEO Experts Do?

SEO experts are the champions of your online presence. In short, they perform the majestic act of getting your website to the top of the Google page chain. Front page website results can increase profit dramatically, so an expert SEO consultant is the backbone of any successful modern sales team. How do they work this mystifying process? They do so by deciphering Google’s code, tackling the website’s HTML, placing do-follow backlinks in all the right places and, most importantly, consistently delivering updated, quality content for your website. If the search engine optimization company you hire isn’t doing these things, you might want to sign up for a free SEO audit to find out what needs to be improved.

Think of your website as a work of art. It can be beautiful but worthless if nobody can see it. An SEO expert consultant is a person who puts your artwork on display. Their role in your company’s success cannot be understated.

Who Are The Best SEO Experts?

The best SEO experts of all are the ones that put your business in the position to be seen. Many SEO companies will attempt to glamour you with fancy graphs and all the bells and whistles. Winning search engine optimization specialists will dazzle you with real results. Be sure to carefully check for the following prior to hiring an SEO expert consultant:

  • Research their privacy policy
  • Review the terms of service
  • Get a keyword price quote
  • Request references
  • Ask to see credentials
  • Read up on their company reviews
  • Find out about their writers

An expert SEO consultant should have big plans for the future of your business. Click here for sample SEO campaign strategies and figure out which one is perfect for you.