Maximizing Search Results With A Marketing Consultant

It has been said that “ability is nothing without opportunity” and in today’s digital world, at least 56% of opportunity is found online. You, as a business owner, are forging a digital jungle, an ever-changing social media landscape where content isn’t always king, even when we think it should be. For many business owners, looking for a marketing consultant is like shooting an arrow in the dark and hoping it hits the target audience.

Did you spend more time than you expected to get your website just perfect, only to find that it isn’t showing up in search? Are you staring at your search analytics results, bewildered by the fact that you’re ranking for all the wrong keywords? Is your website an internet wallflower making your business seem invisible, or do you simply suspect you’re paying way too much for small business marketing services? If you’re confused about online tactics, prices, and general expectations, we at are here to help.
Read along as we cover answers to important questions like:
• How much do marketing consultants cost?
• How are search trends changing?
• How much of your business’ sales really come from the web? And more.
We’ll go over the basics in terms that are meant for a general audience, so you can approach your online presence with confidence and get back to more important things, like running your actual business.

Do I Need A Marketing Consultant in 2017?

The short answer to this is, absolutely. It’s not unlike asking if a business needs email or a Facebook page.  If you already have tried to build your business online and your pages are still failing to rank, this is a question you’ve probably asked yourself time and again. Here is a quick mathematical overview designed to explain exactly why a marketing consultant is essential to the success of any business, regardless of its size and sale history.
• In 2016, it was established that 51% of purchases are made online.
• Google searches are even responsible for many in-store purchases
• Local search is 34 times more popular today than it was in 2011
• Internet marketing is proven to be more cost effective than traditional marketing
• Google alone has a market reach exceeding 1.17 billion
When you add up all the factors, it’s easy to see that career marketing consultants are the bloodline of enterprise, production, and distribution. Even if you think your business is centered on foot traffic, you should bear in mind that close to half of the people who enter your physical store do so because they like what they learned about you online. So, whether you already pay for SEO services or you’re just getting started in building your brand, hiring the right marketing consultant for your company is essential to maximizing your success.
How Much Do Marketing Advisors Charge?
If you’ve been googling this specific question and you keep coming up with a vague answer, that’s because online selling consultant fees can vary greatly depending upon your needs, the size of your website, and various other factors that change consistently. Here at, our goal is to be as transparent as possible. Our rates are as follows:
• If your company has an in house team you want us to coach on the exact steps required to achieve online success we offer SEO marketing consulting/coaching for $600/m.
• Alternatively, if your company is already paying for SEO services, we offer a no charge SEO audit to show you exactly what you’re paying for- Just send us their proposal and we’ll be more than happy to compare what is promised to what our research tools uncover about their website’s online marketing progress.
If either of the aforementioned options peaks your interest, be sure to sign up for an initial screen share meeting where we will show you what your SEO team is doing and how we can improve upon their work while offering you competitive rates and unparalleled customer service. Our live operators are ready to chat when you are.

How Does A Marketing Consultant Charge Per Project?

The question “how much do marketing consultants cost?” is a bit more complex than it may appear. One thing is certain though, a marketing authority should not be charging you per hour. A top rmarketing Adviser firm will charge per result, regardless of the number of man hours it takes them to achieve your goals. Here at, we provide a handy SEO pricing tool that will immediately analyze your personal website and show you exactly how much specific results will cost. Spoiler Alert— Some of our services are even free!

What Are Some Of The Duties Of A Marketing Consultant?marketing consultant

A commerce consultant is not just responsible for rankings. They are also singly responsible for your company’s longevity. Picture them as the flag bearers of your business, ushering in today’s clients while building the foundation for your future. Search trends aren’t stagnant entities. They change with every passing tech trend. The best marketing consulting firms are in a constant state of study. Much like lawyers and healthcare professionals, top affiliate marketing companies are always hitting the books and acquiring new information. We don’t just know search engines. We know people. We understand what makes them tick and what makes them click. All of the following services are required in order to achieve such ambitious goals:
• Working with you in order to provide a web friendly marketing plan that reaches not just any audience, but more specifically, the audience you have in mind.
• Building high quality do follow backlinks that are never spammy or offensive.
• Providing SEO friendly web pages, product descriptions, blog posts, guest posts, and comparable work.
• Researching trending topics.
• Understanding how color and imagery affect audience perception and consumption and using those statistics to provide you with the best possible outcome for your business.
• Providing sourceable imagery when necessary.
• Keeping your social media presence on par with or exceeding commercial standards.
• Raising your PageRank by astronomical bounds in order to catapult your company to the top.
Building your brand and online presence can be a straightforward process that doesn’t involve surprises that hurt your wallet or your website. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives to find out exactly how much SEO should cost you. We vow to answer your questions immediately, free of charge.

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