Dallas SEO consultants really can make your business the lone star of the internet! Read on to find out how…

Dallas SEO consultants

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Texas is known for big things. From 24-inch burger patties to the biggest Honkey Tonk on the planet, to the world’s largest patio chair, Dallas, Tx. and Fort Worth seem bent on giving a whole new meaning to the term “larger than life”. In fact, five of the ten most rapidly growing city populations are situated right in The Lone Star State. Given the facts, it should come as no surprise that Dallas business is growing at unfathomable rates as well, making Dallas SEO websites highly coveted bits of online real estate.  Dallas SEO consultants are in charge of providing the marketing services that are necessary to help local business owners maintain traction and visibility on Google.

Due to the surge in local population, search engine marketing and social media optimization can genuinely make or break a Dallas company. That’s why choosing Dallas SEO consultants carefully is of the utmost importance in 2017. Your internet website will be judged, not based upon its appearance or content quality, but rather, based upon its Google ranking. After all, the internet is big business and at the end of the day, that means it’s all about the numbers. Throughout this blog post, we at Local 9 Marketing will explain the basics of Dallas SEO and how it can be used to promote growth and visibility.

Which Service Does Your Business Need To Increase Online Traffic?

Catapulting your brand into the realm of internet superstardom is no small feat. It is actually a systematic method of numerous small feats that, when combined, garner big results. In order for a modern business to thrive on the world-wide-web, all of today’s top SEO services must be implemented strategically. Every service you see below is essential for driving online traffic:

  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • Campaigns for facebook, twitter, and other various forms of social media
  • Long-tail keyword optimization
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • Quality content
  • Cross-platform friendly web design & so much more

Contact us at Local 9 Marketing for a free company audit. You can call our team directly by dialing (844) 455-6225. We’ll point you in the right direction by carefully analyzing your blog.

Common SEO Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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If your Dallas company is hard at work manufacturing a top notch product, not being able to place that product in front of the right clients or customers can be frustrating. Perhaps you already have a team of people who put a great deal of work into building your website. Through your eyes, everything looks perfect. The company logo is in place. The buttons all navigate to their proper pages. You installed all the right plug-ins, surfed the web for the absolute best possible images, and presented your company in a way that is human-friendly and seemingly appealing. The problem is, in order for humans to get to a place where they can ingest your impeccably well-written data, your web pages must pass through a machine first. That machine, known as a search engine, is judging your landing pages based on their content and also their ease of indexing. As such, all of the following aspects will greatly impact your online visibility:

  • Length of your page title
  • Accuracy of your URL
  • Meta description
  • Duplicate content
  • Keyword density and much, much more

Some of the most common errors, Dallas SEO consultants can easily fix are:

  • Having duplicate content— The fix? Rewriting clean, concise copy for each page
  • Having too little content—The fix? Regularly updating your site with fresh, new pages.
  • Missing a meta description—The fix? Adding a brief, relevant introductory sentence.

The above-listed errors might seem insignificant, but all of those little pieces of the puzzle are what come together and determine your website’s rank.

The Difference Between SEO Company Management And PPC

Many Texas conglomerates make the novice mistake of forking over much-needed funds in exchange for PPC advertising. PPC, also referred to as pay per click, is a way of purchasing traffic rather than earning it by building an easily indexed website. In a nutshell, you, as the business owner, pay an agreed upon upfront price each time someone clicks on your ad. While this practice is lucrative and a viable option, it isn’t usually the best route to take, and it should never be utilized as a lone strategy. Here’s why…

Organic traffic accounts for approximately 94% of all clicks worldwide.

There are so many plus sides to beginning a Dallas, TX. SEO campaign, like the fact that you keep what you pay for (your optimized website) and you get a great deal of say in the way your brand is presented. Still, the most important reason of all is that only about 6% of the billions of online customers are actually clicking on PPC ads. Paid advertising worked well in the past, but the shoppers of today don’t trust companies that pay for ads as much as they trust their peers. Online reviews and expert opinions hold much higher value in the 2017 market.

Talk To An Expert Dallas SEO Consultant Today

You’re already running a business. Becoming an expert in search engines would be the equivalent of taking on a second job. There are over 200 factors that make businesses appealing or not appealing to search engines. That number grows each and every day. Algorithms become more complex. Competition for high ranking websites grows steeper.

Contact one of our highly skilled Dallas SEO consultants today to start seeing Texas-sized results in your search rankings right away.

SEO success is a highly achievable goal once you contact a digital marketing expert with the necessary equipment and experience to drive local online traffic your way. Get in touch with us at Local 9 Marketing for a free SEO audit and to discuss your strategy for the future.