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Not all SEO companies in USA are alike. They each have their own separate marketing strategies that they feel are the best practices to use for SEO. They may choose to do business differently, but there is one thing each and every SEO company can agree upon—the need for their professional expertise.

2017 features a diverse digital landscape. The world has opened up and given way to new, thriving businesses. From transportation start-ups like Uber and Lyft, to innovative concepts like urban farming and solar electricity, business management and entrepreneurship are soaring. But behind the success of each individual new business, there exists a sparkling, underrated SEO campaign that is catapulting young minds to the top of the world, which is also known as the first page of Google.

How, In The World Do SEO Companies In USA Get There?

There’s something almost mystifying about reaching the top of the Google algorithm that makes it seem more like a lottery than a business. Still, SEO companies in USA say that couldn’t be further from the truth. Aaron of Local 9 Marketing has been quoted comparing optimization services to real estate and the companies he provides with these services to lemonade stands. In short, he claims the top lemonade stands don’t just have the best juice, but they also have their stands positioned in optimal locations. It can be said that the key to keeping contact with customers in 2017 is rooted in one word…Search.

What Search Has To Do With Optimization


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Optimization— to make the best of a resource and/or situation, to achieve optimal results, to excel or obtain the highest possible ranking. Optimization is a sort of zenith we should all strive to reach. Some of us wish to optimize our credit. Some of us wish to optimize our bank accounts, job status, or even lifestyle. In the online world, optimization is rooted in something that actually is a bit of a mystery. It is rooted in search. More specifically, in order to attain a high ranking in search engine optimization, we must first become experts in what people search for. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, “What is it that some unnamed stranger searches for when alone in the living room at one o’clock in the morning behind the glow of an open laptop?” It used to be anybody’s guess. In 2017, however, knowing what this person will search for is somebody’s job.

SEO Companies Get Paid To Know What Customers Are Looking For

The next time you start typing into a search bar, you should feel a little surge of pride. You’re keeping SEO companies in business. SEO companies in USA are comprised of teams of dedicated researchers and analysts. Essentially, they get paid to guess what phrase you’re most likely to type into that bar. Their clients use this information in order to build a high traffic blog, website, or even social media account. It didn’t always work this way. In fact, the popularization of the blog is what gave way to this fascinating profession. The science behind SEO is the secret to the success or failure of a website, blog, or Facebook account. There are a few other factors that should be taken into account, but for the most part, search engine experts make the web go ‘round.

SEO Services Didn’t Always Exist

In the late ‘90s and early 2000’s, search platforms were brand new and void of any sort of sophisticated strategy. As such, getting a product in front of the right customers was like throwing darts at a dartboard that’s behind you while blindfolded and standing on one leg. Often times, the companies with the spammiest links and the most tags won the battle for content. In fact, bloggers (who were just as new as the search engines) were notorious for utilizing incorrect tags so they ranked for the most popular search terms. The end result was anarchy. People would search for cat food and be prompted to click on a real estate website and etc. The need for organization was apparent. Google readily filled that need and became the most popular search engine of all-time.

Believe It Or Not, Google Wants People To Find Your Website

In an effort to reduce spam and accurately index the entire internet (an eye-popping job if ever there was one) the team at Google began building what would become today’s complex search engine algorithm. Their goal is to make accurate information accessible in order to help visitors and vendors alike. Unfortunately, the algorithm has become so complex that a site with savvy design and well-crafted content can accidentally slip through the cracks of the internet.

The development of today’s websites requires just a little bit more finesse, so Google can recognize and accurately index each site—including yours. If you incorporate the best SEO practices with engaging and unique content, you will automatically win Google’s trust and begin to establish a name for yourself and your company.

Your Digital Footprint Follows You Everywhere

Google is such a popular term that it’s become a regularly used verb in our vocabulary. When was the last time you Googled something? Chances are high that you Googled something and ended up reading this article. We call on Google to unravel the cosmic mysteries of the universe and also to learn the answers to tiny, seemingly insignificant questions. We call on Google for pretty much everything and in return, it provides us with an unparalleled service. It carefully combs through and files away our data, all 1.2 million plus terabytes of it. White hat SEO professionals help by providing great web design that makes indexing easy. As a result, website rankings are heavily reliant on the thorough analysis and research provided by these companies.

Companies Across The USA Are Turning To SEO Consultants For Solutions

Expert consultants understand a few things that are essential to the page ranking process.

  • They understand what people search for
  • They understand what Google searches for
  • They know how to use relevant keywords that steer search bots in the right direction
  • They have in-depth knowledge of long-tail keywords
  • They know that on-page and off-page optimization are important
  • They’re well versed in the little details like privacy policy, title length, and URL, that have a great impact on overall rank
  • They still believe great content is king

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